Our employees

  • The business system employs over 2000 people counting the subsidiary companies, providing a secure job for so many people. This figure makes Univerexport one of the leading companies in the area of employment and social programme development . Training, support and preservation of employee loyalty certainly are characteristics which Univerexport is striving to preserve and develop, as the employees are the most important link to our highly respected consumers.
  • Operating in the territory of Vojvodina, the company employs local people and thereby develops a multicultural approach. Univerexport offers over 30 types of jobs and the possibilities of employing various profiles: not only university educated, but also for people without higher education which are then provided professional and educational training for their jobs.
  • In the course of one year, a significant number of meetings with employees is organized, with the purpose of developing a social dialogue and improving the work climate. The company management has the responsibility for coordinating the working conditions and providing social guarantees to employees

Education and development of work skills

Every business system is alive, and finds more or less serious obstacles during its growth and development. As every system is borne and organized by people, it is necessary to provide the following, in order to let the system go forward, develop and advance:

• That each employee feels good in his/her workplace, and is recognized and respected
• That everybody’s voice can be heard
• That the teams function in the way that makes everybody satisfied
• That conflicts (which are an inevitable part of the system) can be resolved
• That a new employee is informed on his duties in the right and timely manner
• That there are clear rules for awards and penalties
• That the promotion paths are well known
• That the information paths are well known
• That everybody can direct constructive critics at each other
• And many more things that can contribute to improvements for every employee and the firm that employs him/her.

As with other things in life, adequate functioning in one’s workplace also needs to be learned. For this reason, the Univerexport company started its own training centre in 2010.
The role of the training centre is to provide support through seminars, workshops and individual talks for learning and developing all necessary elements within the education and development of professional skills of the existing and new personnel.

The training centre is equipped with computers and other modern means necessary to carry out the training successfully, and its participants are provided the education according to special methods which educate them in the direction of modern business currents and providing the highest level services to consumers.

The significance of this training is immeasurable, not only for the Univerexport company, but also for the consumers, which can expect a higher quality level of service.

Within the training centre, one can acquire knowledge on the modes of doing business, as well as on the adequate level  for provision of services, as the consumers are always the base for everything else, and everything must be directed towards them.

Univerexport trening centar

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